Opposite MDG, Vom Road, Angudi, Jos South Local Government, Jos, Plateau State



About us

Indviz Metals Limited is a Minerals purchasing and processing center located in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria, We gather, process and refine to provide top quality minerals to our clients. We are duly licensed by relevant authorities of the Federal Government of Nigeria to trade locally, semi-process and export solid minerals. We have a world class processing centre and warehouse equipped with modern facilities, state of the art XRF and other laboratory equipment, and processing magnetic separator machines.

We trade in a wide range of Solid Mineral products such as Lead, Tin Ore, Columbite, Baryte, Tantalum, Tungsten etc. The location of our minerals purchasing and processing center is very strategic in Jos South Local Government of Plateau State Nigeria and we have the capacity to meet large scale demands. Indviz Metals Limited trades in top quality minerals.

Indviz Metals Limited is set up by a team of seasoned businessmen with a legacy of success in other business endeavours before this venture into solid minerals trading.


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Core Values

We are here to serve you with our best minerals

Our strong corporate philosophy and our Responsible Supply Chain Management (RSCM) purchasing guidelines, which apply worldwide, ensure that we only buy and sell certified and conflict-free raw materials


We are known for our integrity & Passion


Diligence is our awesome selling point


Good leadership is a key part of our operation

Timely Delivery

Meeting up with time is our passion

Strong Partnership

Our Strong Partners are always ready


Commitment is our watchword & way of life


Excellence is our goal as it helps us stand out

Customer Friendly

We love all our customers and our customers love us

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We ensure compliance with Nigerian and international regulations to ensure sustainability and the supply of conflict-free raw materials.

We work with vast experience aided by the art of technology

Our goal is to comply with industry regulations and legal requirements as well as industry and environmental standards.

  • We have the experience required in this field.
  • We have strong partnerships
  • We set high standards

You can use our contact forms to send us a message and within 24 hours will reply

We get our raw materials from the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, The raw materials are purchased and processed by our partner companies according to international standards.

We have been certified by the Solid Mineral's bodies of the federation
Our Products



Lead is a chemical element with the symbol Pb (from the Latin plumbum) and...

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Columbite, also called niobite, niobite-tantalite and columbate [(Fe,Mn)Nb 2O 6], is a black mineral...

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Baryte, barite or barytes is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate (BaSO4). Baryte is...

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Tungsten, or wolfram, is a chemical element with the symbol W and atomic number...

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Tin Ore

Tin is a chemical element with the symbol Sn (from Latin: stannum) and atomic...

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Tantalum is a chemical element with the symbol Ta and atomic number 73. Previously...

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